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The goal of this group is to help STC members study for the CPTC Certification exam. Our primary text isTechnical Communication Today, 6eby Richard Johnson-Sheehan.

Every month, we will set a reading goal that allows members to study at their own pace. At the end of the month, we will meet online to discuss the reading selection. If you really like reading and want to enrich your career, check out our Book Club section for more of our favorite tech comm books.

Join our Slack group--STC Florida Chapter #Study-Buddies--to keep up with news, ask questions, or discuss the readings. Click here to sign up for updates and meeting notifications.

Technical Communication Today, 6e
By Richard Johnson-Sheehan

Currently Reading: Part 5

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Study Guides and Resources

CSB Study Guides - Google Drive
Offical STC study guides and informal notes. Feel free to add yours and contribute to the group's knowledge base.

CPTC Exam Flashcards - Quizlet
A collection of digital flashcards to help you learn important terms from our textbook.

Certified Study Buddies - YouTube
Our YouTube channel where you can catch up on past meetings and discussions.